Why is it important to wear High-Visibility Clothing at the Job site

Why is it important to wear High-Visibility Clothing at the Job site

High visibility clothing is essential in many industries. In order to protect yourself, employees, and bystanders, it is important to utilize proper safety gear for a variety of reasons. We will highlight some of the benefits of wearing high-vis safety vests to the work site.

1. When wearing a safety vest, you ensure that people can see you while at the site, specially when regular clothing can blend into the background. This will make for a safer workplace for everyone.

2. When working with traffic, it is important to let pedestrians and drivers know that there are workers on the road to reduce the possibility of accidents due to speed.

3. Weather safety, particularly during low light conditions as well as poor weather conditions is crucial; wear high-vis clothing to ensure that everyone is protected and can be seen while they work.

The CSA Standard recommends that a hazard assessment be carried out on each job site to evaluate the workplace on possible accidents. Once this assessment is carried out, it is important to find out which kind of high visibility clothing is required based on the recommendations of the CSA. For more information visit the office website https://www.ccohs.ca/oshanswers/prevention/ppe/high_visibility.html to find out what type of clothing you or your workers require to make your work place safer.

30th Aug 2019 Danna

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